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Roel: interior without natural light

Here are the three images I presented in class, but this time with corrections on some of the issues that were talked about, such as the lit up hallway and the reflection of the umbrella in the television frame.  I also cloned out the corner bumpers on the coffee table on two of the images (the third one proved too ambitious at this late hour, with four separate corners to clone…!).  The lit up hallway in the shot below actually gives a nice reflection on the coffee table that gives the bowl a little separation shadow.  I also backed off the saturation a hair on this one, since to me it almost looked artificial on the original.

Roel’s 1st assignment

For my first assignment I chose to shoot one of the Case Study Houses, since this is a program that I’ve always been very interested in.  Unfortunately, many of them have been altered beyond recognition or are no longer accessible.  The majority of them are still privately owned.  There are 20 or 30 of these dotted around the LA area, with the most famous being arguably the Eames House and studio in Pacific Palisades (which is available to tour, btw).

I chose Case Study #1, designed by Julius Ralph Davidson, which, although it’s numbered one, was not the first one to be built; it had undergone some major revisions before it was ready.  This one is located in Toluca Lake, where there are other notable homes as well (though not from the CS program).

I didn’t have ideal lighting conditions due to time constraints, but I think it turned out ok.  I included a dusk shot to give it some variety, since I had no access to the back or sides of the house, and I wanted some different angles.  The first shot is taken from on top of my car with a tripod, and the second one from the sidewalk across the street.