Sometimes a Bit More Is More

As we were wrapping up our field trip session in this fantastic house in Bel Air, I decided to take a quick shot of the entry I’d been eye from the time we arrived.  The best exposure just happened to include Martin descending the staircase (fortunately clothed).  While I still like this angle I was also struck as we were all heading out the door to go home by the alternate below.

The first attempt was OK, but lacked life.  We hadn’t packed all the gear yet so Martin set up a single strobe in a light box to the right of the camera, kept low to the ground (3-4 feet).  Oops!  Good idea, but the output of the strobe was more than a stop too hot.

For the last image, above, the strobe’s output was lowered, giving the scene, and in particular the stairs, just enough light to animate them, make them look more 3-dimensional.  The frame was rotated 1 degree and some contrast added to give the image snap.

We would all like to thank Rob Levine and Larry Ginsberg for so graciously inviting the master class to photograph their beautiful home.