Martin’s 1st Assignment

Laguna Ave, Los Angeles. Photo Martin Cox

I shot this 1910 3-bedroom house in Echo Park for my assignment.  I chose a sunny day for the blue sky, but one with some cloud to offer some soft light which had the effect of lowering the contrast under the deep eaves.  I also waited for the two hour window of street cleaning to get a view free from vehicles.  I shot early in the morning when the sun is shining on the front of the house, but not too early when there would be shadow from the building behind me. I tried to frame the house exactly in the center of the photo, yet to include the midcentury bank building in the distance as a counter point to scale and style.  Right above the house was a mass of lines and cable which I managed to just crop out.  I did not do any photoshop on this first assignment photo.

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